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these household appliances have radiation! forward it to your family!

publisher: administrator date:2020-10-13

a recent test program video brought the topic of radiation back to people's attention.

in this test, senior engineers from the jiangsu electric power research institute conducted more than ten tests on hair dryers, electric kettles, humidifiers, laptops, electric toothbrushes, desk lamps, physiotherapy equipment, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and electric blankets. this kind of home appliance has been tested for radiation, and the result of the test is beyond our expectation.

the distance is different, the radiation value is nearly a hundred times different

in the video, when the distance from the tv screen is 3cm, its electric field strength reaches 490v/m. when the inspector sits on the sofa and simulates the normal viewing distance, the electric field intensity is only about 6v/m, which is just 1%.

after testing, the electric field intensity close to the refrigerator door is 8v/m, and the refrigerator door is 15v/m; the electric field intensity of the air conditioner is 13v/m.

the electric field intensity of the humidifier reaches about 370 and 380v/m. when the lamp is working, its electric field intensity has reached about 300v/m.

why does the seemingly humble desk lamp reach an electric field strength of 300v/m? according to video experts, it turns out that most of the existing desk lamps have ballasts, which have the function of igniting the lamp, which makes the desk lamps instantly generate a high voltage, resulting in the electric field strength tested on site reaching 300v/m.

but the attenuation of the desk lamp is also very fast, that is to say, the farther away from the desk lamp, the lower the radiation value. at a distance of about 10 cm from the desk lamp, its electric field strength is only about 70v/m. therefore, using the desk lamp correctly, the normal reading distance is no problem.

there is another unexpected discovery here, the electromagnetic radiation of the notebook computer is far behind, the electric field strength is only about 7v/m! we found through consulting the data that, like computer cpu, etc., the working frequency exceeds 1ghz. if shielding materials are not added, electromagnetic radiation is likely to exceed the safe range.

range hoods and electric toothbrushes have the lowest electromagnetic radiation values, only about 1.5v/m.

home appliances have radiation, is it really unusable?

experts on the spot said that almost all objects in our lives have radiation. whenever a positive or negative charge exists, the electric field will exist. like our human body, there are biological charges, which are constantly radiating outward. in order to study radiation in daily life, the world health organization (who) launched this large multidisciplinary research project in 1996. the current evidence is insufficient to confirm that exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic fields will cause any health consequences.

in addition, my country has made clear regulations on the radiation safety of household appliances in daily life, clearly using electric field strength as the standard for measuring radiation from household appliances, and also stipulates that electric field strengths below 4000v/m are safe. the home appliances in our lives are far below the national standard limit value of 4000v/m.

why use electric field strength as a measure? according to experts, this is because any electric wire will generate an electric field. when no current flows, the electric field still exists. the greater the voltage, the greater the electric field strength at a certain distance from the wire.

combined with the national standards, it can be seen that even though all household appliances have different degrees of electric field strength, they are all lower than the national electromagnetic radiation limit, and the impact on the human body is within a safe range. many authoritative studies have shown that in daily life, as long as we keep a safe distance, electrical radiation is not a problem at all, and there is no need to continue talking about discoloration.
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