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smart factory is imperative, precision technology and low-cost automation boost the cost reduction and efficiency increase of household appliances

publisher: administrator date:2020-10-13

with the rapid development of social economy, automation technology has become more and more widely used in the production practice of various industries. however, the existing production equipment and facilities of most enterprises in the furniture and electrical industry are obsolete and inefficient, and urgently need to be upgraded. low-cost automation has become the consensus of industry transformation and upgrading, and it is the key to improving production efficiency and execution capabilities.

when the wind blows, in order to comply with the development trend of intelligent manufacturing and achieve greater benefits, many household appliance manufacturers have also begun to upgrade their production lines. production flexibility, intelligence, and automation have become the direction pursued by the industry, and they are determined to build smart factory.

based on this, as a global high-tech enterprise for lean and flexible production and low-cost automation solutions, jingji technology practices the spirit of craftsmanship, focuses on technology improvement, and cultivates a group of technical backbones with strong interest, strong strength and rich experience. the quality of the first and second generation wire rods and the third generation aluminum alloy wire rods, and at the same time, it strongly creates low-cost automation solutions to help household appliances companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, build smart factories, and drive on wheels towards "industry 4.0".

at present, the equipment in the household appliance production workshop is generally backward and the level of automation is low. many processes still rely on manual operations. a few automation equipment also depends on imports. then foreign equipment is expensive and the maintenance and parts replacement cycle is very long. it is urgent for enterprises to automate the improvement of production lines to promote the improvement of quality and efficiency. jingji technology deeply understands the needs of household appliances companies, and customizes solutions for the actual operation of the electrical appliance production line to create labor-saving and labor-saving tooling, thereby simplifying the electrical production line and improving production efficiency to achieve strong the effect of quality, efficiency and cost reduction.
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